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World Cup 2010: Argentina Need To Take Advantage Of Lionel Messi's Talent - Carles Puyol

Posted on 12.28 by the jack

Iniesta - Messi - Puyol - Barcelona
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Iniesta - Messi - Puyol - Barcelona

Barcelona captain Carles Puyol did not hesitate in issuing a recommendation to Argentina coach Diego Maradona when commenting about his friend and team-mate Lionel Messi in an interview with France Football.

"The Argentinians need to take advantage of his immense talent. Leo [Messi] is an incredible player, an essential piece of our Barca. With him, Barcelona is much stronger. It is only logical that he be the same for Argentina."

Argentina is one of the national teams that Puyol ranks among the favourites for the World Cup title next summer along with "the usual suspects" like Brasil, Germany, England, or Italy.

As for Spain, "we will modestly try to change the established order. We are coming off our European Championship, which is not an easy title, and this should demand at least a little respect."

South Africa 2010 will be Puyol's third World Cup of his career and the Barca captain confirmed that he will contemplate retiring from La Seleccion after the competition, although he has not yet made a decision.

"It is something I am thinking about, but is a decision I will not make alone," he explained.

"In Spain, once you have passed the 30-year mark, they think you are finished. It is an opinion and one can respect it. But it can also serve as a form of motivation to demonstrate that even at 30 or 31 years of age, one can continue playing at the highest level."

Speaking of the Spanish national team, Puyol assured that "one should not confuse Spain's success with Barcelona's and say that Spain is winning because Barcelona is winning. Although there are similarities in the style of both teams, the group of players that come from Barca are just as important as the group that comes from Valencia or from Real Madrid since every element is important to the whole.

"Along with Barca's players like Victor [Valdes], [Sergi] Busquets, Xavi [Hernandez], [Andres] Iniesta, [Gerard] Pique, and myself, there are a number of excellent players like Cesc [Fabregas], [Iker] Casillas, [David] Silva, [Juan] Mata, Fernando Torres, or [Joan] Capdevilla, players that are very important that do not come from Barcelona."

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